How To Configure Product Variations In Magento 2

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One of the most significant features of Magento 2 is its ability to allow users to create product variations that make it easy to display different options for a particular product to customers. It is a crucial feature that can help to boost sales and improve customer experience. In this article, we’ll discuss how to configure product variations in Magento 2 step-by-step.

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Understanding Product Variations

Product variation is a feature that allows you to create different options for a product on your website. It could be a different color, size, or any other variation to meet the customer’s unique needs. When a customer visits your website, they can select their preferred variation option, and the product will be displayed accordingly.

Creating Product Attributes

To create product variations, you need to create product attributes first. To do this, go to the Magento Administration Panel and select "Products" in the navigation menu. Then, choose "Attributes" from the dropdown options. From the Attributes section, click on "Add New Attribute" to create a new product attribute.

Defining Attribute Properties

After creating the attribute, the next step is to set its properties. The attribute properties are what defines the type of attribute you are creating, such as color, size, etc. In the attribute properties section, there are several options you can select, including Dropdown, Multiple Select, and Swatch.

Adding Attribute Options

Once you have defined the attribute properties, the next step is to add attribute options. For example, if it’s a color attribute, you can add different color options such as red, blue, or green. To add attribute options, go back to the Magento Administration panel, choose "Products" from the navigation menu again, then select "Attributes." From the Attributes section, select the attribute you created earlier, and click on "Manage Labels/Options." From that section, you can add as many attribute options as you want.

Configuring Product Variations

Now that you have created the product attributes and added attribute options, the next step is to configure product variations. To do this, go to the Magento Administration panel and click on "Products" in the navigation menu. Select the product you want to configure and click on "Edit." In the Edit Product section, scroll down to the "Product Details" tab and click on "Configurations."

From the Configurations section, you can set different prices, inventory, and images for each attribute option. For example, if you have a shirt in three different colors, you can set different prices for each color. You can also set different stock levels and images for each color. Finally, save your settings, and the product will be available for purchase on your website.


Product variation is an essential feature in Magento 2 that can help to improve your customers’ shopping experience and boost sales. By following the steps outlined above, you can create product variations that make your products more attractive to customers and increase sales. Remember to configure product variations correctly to avoid any confusion and provide a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

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