How To Configure Custom Options In Magento 2

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Magento 2 is an ecommerce platform that offers a wide range of features to help businesses run successful online stores. One of these features is the ability to configure custom options for products.

Custom options are useful when you want to offer variations of a particular product, for example, if you sell t-shirts, you may want to offer different sizes, colors, and materials. With custom options, customers can select their preferred variation of a product before adding it to their cart.

Step 1: Create a Product

To configure custom options in Magento 2, the first step is to create a product. You can create a product in Magento 2 by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 admin panel.
  2. Go to the Catalog section and select Products.
  3. Click on the Add Product button.
  4. Select the product type you want to create and click on Continue.

Step 2: Configure Custom Options

Once you have created a product, you can configure custom options for it by following these steps:

  1. In the product edit page, scroll down to the Customizable Options section and click on Add Option.
  2. Enter the name of the option in the Title field. This could be something like Size or Color.
  3. Choose the Input Type. The input type determines how the customer will select their preferred variation. The available input types are:
  • Drop-down
  • Radio button
  • Checkbox
  • Multiple select
  • Text field
  • Text area
  • Date
  • Date & Time
  • Time
  1. Enter the Price for the option. This field is optional and only needed if the option has a different price from the base product price.
  2. Specify the Sort Order. This determines the order in which the options will appear to the customer.
  3. Click on Add Value to add a variation for the option.
  4. Enter the Label for the variation. This could be something like Small, Medium, or Large, depending on the option.
  5. Enter the Price for the variation if necessary.
  6. Repeat steps 6 to 8 to add more variations.
  7. Click on Save.

Step 3: Test the Custom Options

Once you have configured the custom options, it is important to test them to make sure they are working correctly. To test the custom options, do the following:

  1. Go to your frontend store and navigate to the product you just created.
  2. Verify that the custom options are displayed and can be selected.
  3. Select a variation and add the product to your cart.
  4. Verify that the product and the selected options appear in your cart.


Configuring custom options in Magento 2 is a straightforward process that can help businesses offer a wider range of product variations to their customers. With custom options, you can cater to the specific needs of your customers and enhance their shopping experience. By following the steps above, you can configure custom options for your products and start offering variations to your customers today.

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