The Power of Visual Ads in Ecommerce PPC Campaigns

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If you’re considering an eCommerce PPC campaign, then it’s essential to understand the power of visual ads. Today, over 2.14 billion people globally shop online. With this staggering number, there isn’t a better time to take advantage of eCommerce. Every eCommerce business owner needs a great marketing strategy to connect with potential customers and turn them into loyal buyers. This is where Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns come into play, and visual ads are the key to success.

What are Visual Ads?

Visual ads are advertising pieces that use images to grab a viewer’s attention. They can be photos or graphics that are strategically placed within the content or as standalone ads on various digital platforms. Visual ads are designed to communicate a message with just one glance. They can be used for branding, promoting products, or selling services. Visual ads pull people in and encourage them to take action.

How Visual Ads Work in Ecommerce PPC Campaigns

Visual ads in eCommerce PPC campaigns offer great benefits. Firstly, they attract a larger audience than written content. People are more drawn towards visual information than textual one. Visual ads improve the Click Through Rate (CTR) of eCommerce PPC campaigns because they capture the viewer’s attention through design, color, and messaging.

Secondly, visual ads are more memorable. Studies show that people retain 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. Therefore, if you want to create a lasting impression in the minds of potential buyers, you should create memorable visual ads. They can be stunning photographs that showcase your products or eye-catching graphics that tell an exciting story about your brand.

Lastly, visual ads are more shareable. When people come across eye-catching visual ads, they are more likely to share them with their friends and family. This helps in increasing your brand’s visibility and attracting more potential customers.

Different Types of Visual Ads for Ecommerce PPC Campaigns

There are different types of visual ads that are effective in eCommerce PPC campaigns. Let’s explore how each visual ad type can help attract attention to your brand.

Product Images

Product images are the most common type of visual ads in eCommerce PPC campaigns. They play a crucial role in showcasing your products. With product images, consumers can visualize what they are purchasing and make informed decisions.


Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. They are an effective way of communicating with consumers about your products or services. Infographics are used to explain complicated processes and can be used to illustrate benefits of your product.


Videos are powerful visual ads in eCommerce PPC campaigns. They allow you to showcase your products in a dynamic way. You can highlight the features of your products and give a more in-depth look than you can with a photo. Videos are more engaging and create an emotional appeal that can sway consumer choices.

How to Create an Effective Visual Ad

Creating an effective visual ad involves a combination of factors such as design, message, and placement. Below are some tips to keep in mind when creating visual ads:


The design of your visual ad should be sharp, clear, and clean. Use high-quality images that are relevant to the message you want to send. Choose colors that are appealing and complementary to your brand colors. Your ad must be designed in such a way that it is easy to understand and process.


The message of your visual ad should be simple and clear. The purpose of your visual ad is to communicate information in a single glance. Use messaging that is relevant, concise, and catchy. Choose a message that emotionally connects with your audience.


The placement of your visual ads is also crucial. Always consider the platform where you want to display your ads. For example, if you are running an Instagram campaign, then your visual ad must be in line with the style of that platform. Make sure your ad format is appropriate for the channel you choose.


Visual ads are a powerful tool for eCommerce PPC campaigns. They not only increase Click Through Rates but also make your brand more memorable and shareable. By choosing the right type of visual ad and combining it with excellent design, messaging, and placement, you can optimize your eCommerce PPC campaigns and connect with your audiences in the most effective way possible.

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