How To Offer Discounts And Coupons On Your WooCommerce Store

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Running an eCommerce store is all about making sales, and one of the most widely used tactics to make sales is to offer discounts or coupons. Providing discounts for specific products, customers, or timeframes is an excellent way to convert new customers, retain existing ones, and push through sales during slow periods. WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that provides an extensive range of tools to help businesses offer discounts and coupons.

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Creating Coupons In WooCommerce

The process of creating coupons in WooCommerce is relatively simple. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the WooCommerce section and then click on “Coupons”. From there, click the “Add Coupon” button, and you will be taken to a form where you can create your coupon.

The “General” tab is where you’ll enter the coupon code and define the discount type. You can choose between a percentage discount, fixed cart discount, or a fixed product discount. You can also choose to apply it to all products or specific ones.

The “Usage Restriction” tab allows you to create detailed rules about how the coupon can be used. For example, you can limit the number of times the coupon can be used per customer, minimum purchase amounts, and other useful settings.

The “Usage Limits” tab provides you with more options to control when and how the coupon can be used. You can limit the coupon by the number of times it can be used, usage limit per user, or an expiration date.

Creating Discounted Products

In addition to coupons, you can create discounted products in WooCommerce. This is useful when you want to make a product more attractive to potential customers.

To create a discount, navigate to your WordPress dashboard and then click on the “Products” section. Find the product you want to discount and click the “Edit” button. In the “Product Data” section, navigate to the “General” tab and check the box next to “Sale Price.” Enter the discounted price in the field provided, and then click the “Update” button.

As soon as you click the “Update” button, the discounted price will appear on your website, and the original price will be crossed out. Customers can then buy the product at the discounted price.

Navigating the Sales Reports

When you have set up coupons and discounts, you will want to track the performance of these offers. WooCommerce makes it very easy to monitor the performance of your discounts and coupons by providing reports.

To view your sales reports, navigate to the “Reports” section in your WordPress Dashboard and then click on “Coupons” to view the coupon report. This report will show you how many times each coupon has been used, the total sales amount generated by the coupon, and other useful information.


Offering discounts and coupons is a great way to drive sales in your WooCommerce store and keep customers coming back. By providing regular discounts, you can create a buzz around your store, increasing the likelihood of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

With WooCommerce, creating coupons and discounts is a simple task. The general tab provides you with all the tools you need to offer discounts, and the reports section makes it easy to track their performance. So why not take advantage of the WooCommerce coupon system and start driving sales today?

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