Can I Set Up A Wishlist System For My WooCommerce Store?

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If you own an eCommerce store that operates on WooCommerce, you know that this platform offers an array of useful features to enhance user experience and increase your sales. One such feature that many store owners want to include is a wishlist system. A wishlist functionality not only improves customer satisfaction, but it can also boost your sales and give you valuable insight into your customer preferences.

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In this article, we will explore the possibility of setting up a wishlist system for your WooCommerce store and walk you through the steps to do so.

What is a Wishlist System?

A wishlist system is an eCommerce feature that allows customers to save the products they want to purchase at a later time. It’s a way for users to keep track of items they are interested in without needing to add them to their cart or buy them right away. By adding a wishlist button to your product pages or your navigation bar, you’re giving your customers an easy way of interacting with your store and bookmarking products they like.

A wishlist system doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to products currently in stock and available for sale. It’s also a useful feature to help customers keep track of products that are currently out of stock or that haven’t been released yet.

Why Should I Implement a Wishlist System?

Including a wishlist system in your WooCommerce store can provide a lot of benefits:

Improved User Experience

Allowing your customers to create a wishlist gives them a sense of control over their shopping experience. They can save products they are interested in, without the pressure of having to buy them right away. This means that they can take their time to browse products and make informed purchase decisions.

Increase Your Sales

A wishlist system can increase the likelihood of customers returning to your store and finalizing a purchase. If a customer has added a product to their wishlist, they have expressed a clear interest in it. Implementing a wishlist system can create repeat purchases, turning those wishlists into actual sales.

Customer Insights

A wishlist system can also give you valuable insight into your customer’s preferences. You can see which products are frequently added to wishlists, which ones are popular, and which ones might need a boost in marketing or visibility.

How To Set Up a Wishlist System in WooCommerce?

Now that you know the benefits of implementing a wishlist system on your WooCommerce store, let’s explore the steps you need to take to set it up.

Step 1: Install a Wishlist Plugin

To add a wishlist functionality to your WooCommerce store, you need to install a plugin. There are plenty of plugins available, and we recommend using the ‘TI WooCommerce Wishlist’ plugin, which is free, user-friendly, and feature-packed. To install this plugin, go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Add New’, and search for ‘TI WooCommerce Wishlist’.

Step 2: Configure the Plugin Settings

After installing the plugin, navigate to the ‘Wishlist’ section in your WordPress dashboard’s left menu and select ‘Settings’. This is where you can configure the plugin settings to your preference. You can choose to enable or disable automatic wishlist functionality and customize the fields users can fill when adding products to their wishlist.

Step 3: Set Up the Wishlist Page

Now that you’ve configured the wishlist plugin settings, it’s time to set up the wishlist page. Go to ‘Pages’ in your WordPress dashboard and create a new page titled ‘Wishlist’ or something else that’s fitting. Set the page template to ‘Wishlist’ under the ‘Page Attributes’ tab.

Step 4: Add the Wishlist Button

To make adding items to a wishlist straightforward, you should also add the wishlist button on a product page. navigate to the ‘TI Wishlist’ section in your WordPress dashboard and click on ‘Wishlist Buttons’. You can choose where to show the button – on the product archive page, the single product page, or both.

Step 5: Customize the Wishlist Button

The last step in setting up your WooCommerce wishlist system is to customize the wishlist button to your liking. You can change its text, font, color, placement, and size to align with your eCommerce website’s design and brand.


A wishlist system can give customers a more refined shopping experience and provide your eCommerce store with valuable insight into customer preferences. It’s a simple yet effective way to increase sales and give your customers more control over their shopping journey. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily set up a wishlist system on your WooCommerce store in no time!

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