Shopware Multi-Currency: How To Set Up Your Store For International Sales

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Expanding your online store internationally is an excellent way to grow your business and increase revenue. However, selling in different countries requires a knowledge of their respective cultures, legal requirements, and payment methods. Another critical consideration is the currency used in the countries you want to sell to. That’s where Shopware Multi-Currency comes in. In this article, we explore how you can set up your store for international sales using Shopware Multi-Currency.

Understanding Shopware Multi-Currency

Shopware Multi-Currency is a plugin that allows online stores to offer multiple currencies to their customers. With this plugin, customers are free to choose the currency they prefer. For instance, they might want to pay in Euros, US Dollars, or Japanese Yen. Shopware Multi-Currency also allows stores to set currency exchange rates manually or automatically. Manually, store owners can enter exchange rates using the Shopware backend. Automatically, the exchange rate is provided by the plugin’s connected currency service providers.

Setting Up Shopware Multi-Currency

Setting up the Shopware Multi-Currency is relatively easy. Here are the steps:

Step One: Install The Plugin

To get started with Shopware Multi-Currency, you must first install the plugin on your Shopware store. Depending on your site’s complexity, setting up the plugin takes between 5-10 minutes. Simply download the plugin, go to the backend of your Shopware store, install it, and follow the instructions provided.

Step Two: Configure The Plugin

Once installed, configuring the plugin involves a few clicks. First, go to "Currency Settings" in "Configuration" in your Shopware backend. Here you will find the default currency settings, including currency symbol, position, decimal separator, and decimal points. Then, scroll down to "Currency Exchange Rates" and click the "Add" button. Next, select the base currency and the new foreign currency you want to add. Finally, enter the exchange rate and save the changes.

Step Three: Add New Currencies

With the plugin installed, you can add as many new currencies as you wish. To add a new currency, click on "Load Foreign Currencies" and find the new currency. Click the "Add" button and enter the currency-specific details.

Step Four: Activate The Currencies

To start offering foreign currency payment options, you must enable the currencies. To do this, go back to the "Currency Exchange Rates" page and click the currency you want to activate. Finally, change the currency status from "Inactive" to "Active."

Strategizing For Multi-Currency Sales

Multi-currency sales require more than adding currencies to your store checkout. Here are a few things you must consider when selling internationally:

Understand The Different Cultures

Different cultures use currencies differently. For example, in some countries, people prefer to pay using cards, while in others, cash is still king. You should understand these differences to provide customers with payment options they can use.

Choose Your Currency Conversion Method

Shopware Multi-Currency offers two ways to update currency exchange rates: manually or automatically. Based on your sales goals, you can choose to set the currency exchange rate manually or let the plugin set the rate automatically.

Set Competitive Exchange Rates

When selling internationally, your store must offer competitive exchange rates for your customers. Research the competition to create an exchange rate for each destination country that is cost-effective but still profitable.

Implement A Local Payment Gateway

Sometimes, the global payment gateway you use may not be available in the countries you sell to. Therefore, it’s essential to use local payment gateways that allow customers to pay using their preferred payment methods.

Provide Multilingual Content

Language barriers can be a hindrance to international sales. Translating your Store into various languages is a useful technique to overcome this challenge.


Expanding your online store globally promises enormous rewards. However, it needs a well-planned approach, and using Shopware Multi-Currency is a crucial tool in that approach. Shopware Multi-Currency will help you provide a convenient and easy shopping experience for your customers by allowing them to pay in multiple currencies. With our comprehensive guide, you can start selling internationally with ease.

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