SalesForce Commerce Cloud’s Advanced Product Recommendations

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SalesForce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based e-commerce platform designed to revolutionize the online shopping experience. It combines commerce, marketing, and AI-driven intelligence to personalize the shopping experience. One of its most notable and powerful features is advanced product recommendations. This article will explore SalesForce Commerce Cloud’s advanced product recommendation features, how they work, and how they can be deployed to improve e-commerce performance.

What are Advanced Product Recommendations?

Advanced product recommendations are an AI-driven feature that leverages machine-learning algorithms and customer data to provide personalized product recommendations to shoppers. It aims to improve the shopping experience by making it easier for shoppers to find products that match their needs and preferences. Advanced product recommendations typically appear on e-commerce sites’ product pages, search pages and cart pages.

Advanced product recommendations leverage sales, behavioral, and contextual data to predict which products customers might be interested in. The technology tracks customer histories, such as purchase histories, clicks, and searches. This data is then processed using machine learning algorithms and is fed into a recommendation engine, which generates personalized product recommendations.

How Do Advanced Product Recommendations Work in SalesForce Commerce Cloud?

SalesForce Commerce Cloud’s advanced product recommendation feature works by utilizing Einstein, its built-in AI technology. Einstein is designed to analyze massive amounts of data, learn from it, and develop insights to help drive personalized customer experiences.

Einstein is an AI layer that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze sales, behavioral, and contextual customer data to identify patterns and trends. SalesForce Commerce Cloud uses Einstein to analyze customer data to create models that are then used for advanced product recommendations. The models help Commerce Cloud predict which products a customer is most likely to purchase.

SalesForce Commerce Cloud’s Advanced Product Recommendations also incorporate predictive analytics to recommend products that are frequently purchased together, products that may be of interest, and products that are similar to customers’ past purchases. Additionally, shoppers can easily rate product suggestions to make recommendations more accurate.

Benefits of Using Advanced Product Recommendations

There are many benefits to using advanced product recommendations on an e-commerce site. Here are some of the most significant benefits:

1. Personalization

With modern e-commerce websites featuring thousands of product options, advanced product recommendations give shoppers personalized shopping experiences. It presents buyers with only those products that are the best match for their preferences and history. Personalization ultimately leads to higher purchase completion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

2. Increased Sales

One of the most significant benefits of advanced product recommendations is that it helps boost sales. By presenting customers with relevant suggestions, shoppers can purchase more products, increasing the basket size, and boosting overall revenue.

3. Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a massive problem for e-commerce sites. Advanced product recommendations can help solve this issue by enticing shoppers to continue browsing the product catalog. More personalized recommendations can lead to greater engagement, which in turn can result in fewer cart abandonments.


Deploying advanced product recommendations on a SalesForce Commerce Cloud site is straightforward. The platform has a range of built-in capabilities that allow e-commerce professionals to quickly implement them.

The first step is to enable the appropriate settings in the Commerce Cloud platform, allowing the recommendation engines to identify customer behavior patterns and trends. Next, businesses can train Einstein’s algorithms to understand customer behavior and match them with similar shoppers to generate accurate recommendations.

Overall, advanced product recommendations are a powerful tool for e-commerce sites looking to personalize their shopping experience, increase sales, and reduce cart abandonment. With SalesForce Commerce Cloud’s advanced product recommendations, businesses can achieve these goals quickly and easily.

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