The Importance of Customer Feedback to Your Business

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Having a successful online store means providing an excellent customer experience. One of the most effective ways to improve that experience is by listening to the feedback provided by your customers. Feedback helps you understand their wants, expectations and areas for improvement. It also allows you to build strong relationships with your customers, improve the quality of your products and services, and increase revenue.

However, manually collecting and analyzing customer feedback can be a tedious task. This is where customer feedback plugins come in. By using the right plugin, you can greatly reduce the manual effort required and get valuable insights into your customer’s opinions.

Why Choose PrestaShop

PrestaShop provides an ideal platform for online retailers wanting to create an efficient and quality-driven business. With its open-source nature, PrestaShop allows users to build their website and store from the ground up. This provides complete control over your online store as well as the user experience.

Developers and store owners can take advantage of the many built-in features, extensions, and customizations available on the PrestaShop platform. This includes a range of plugins designed to streamline operations and optimize the customer experience. Such plugins improve customer engagement, increase conversions and accelerate your business growth.

The Best PrestaShop Customer Feedback Plugins

Here are some of the best customer feedback plugins to help improve your Prestashop store:

  • Yotpo Reviews: Yotpo is a popular reviews platform that lets you gather and display customer reviews on your PrestaShop store. With the plugin’s integration, customers can share their reviews and ratings for individual products, driving sales and customer engagement. The plugin also provides analytics and insights to help you track and analyze feedback trends.

  • Revi : From the same developers as Yotpo, Revi specializes in customer engagement and feedback on your PrestaShop store. It lets your customers leave feedback for products and services, providing you with actionable feedback to improve and grow your business. The plugin comes with social proofing features such as badges, widgets, and product review carousels.

  • Zendesk Feedback Tab: The Zendesk Feedback Tab plugin is designed to help gather customer feedback in real-time. With this plugin, you can easily collect ratings, feedback, and questions from your customers. It also offers customizations to meet your business needs, like tailored feedback forms, widgets, and email notifications.

  • TrustPilot: TrustPilot is an online customer review service designed to help businesses build customer trust, collect feedback, and improve their reputation online. The TrustPilot plugin for PrestaShop lets you show off your store’s rating from TrustPilot’s website directly on your PrestaShop store. It also enables you to collect and display customer reviews and provides insights to improve your business strategy.

  • Ekomi: Another popular customer feedback and rating service is Ekomi. The Ekomi plugin for PrestaShop provides a suite of customer feedback tools, ratings, and reviews to help improve your business. It lets you automate feedback collection, monitors performance, and integrates seamlessly with many PrestaShop’s features.

  • Google Customer Reviews: Google Customer Reviews is a free service that surveys customers who have made a purchase on your web store. The plugin measures and analyzes customer reviews, ratings, and feedback on your website. This helps build trust and increases customer engagement, resulting in higher conversion rates and sales.


Ultimately, customer feedback is crucial to any online store’s growth and success. By using PrestaShop’s customer feedback plugins, you can easily gather insights, analyze data, and act on feedback to optimize customer experiences and drive sales. With these plugins, your store can build trust and a positive reputation, showcase customer testimonials, and win new customers.

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