How To Use PrestaShop For Subscription-Based Businesses

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Subscription-based businesses are becoming more and more popular. From magazines to meal delivery services, there are a variety of businesses that can benefit from offering subscriptions. However, managing subscriptions can be quite complex, especially for eCommerce businesses. PrestaShop is a popular eCommerce platform that can be used to manage subscription-based businesses. In this article, we’ll explore how to use PrestaShop for subscription-based businesses.

Install and Configure the Subscription Module

To use PrestaShop for subscription-based businesses, you’ll need to install and configure the Subscription module. This module is not included in the default installation of PrestaShop, so you’ll need to download and install it from the PrestaShop marketplace. Once you’ve installed the module, you’ll need to configure it according to your business needs.

Set Up Subscription Plans

With the Subscription module installed and configured, you can now set up subscription plans. These plans will define the pricing and frequency of your subscriptions. You can create as many plans as you like, and you can customize the pricing and frequency for each plan. For example, you might offer a monthly subscription, a quarterly subscription, and an annual subscription, each with different pricing.

Create Subscription Products

Once you’ve set up your subscription plans, you’ll need to create subscription products. Subscription products are the actual products that customers will receive as part of their subscription. These can be physical products, such as a magazine or a meal kit, or digital products, such as access to a membership site or online content.

To create a subscription product, you’ll need to specify that it is a subscription product and select the subscription plan that it is associated with. You can also set the price of the product and specify any other relevant information, such as shipping options or digital delivery methods.

Manage Subscriptions

With your subscription plans and products set up, you’ll need to manage your subscriptions. This involves keeping track of active subscriptions, processing payments, and handling cancellations. Fortunately, the Subscription module in PrestaShop makes this process relatively easy.

You can view all of your active subscriptions in the Back Office of PrestaShop. From here, you can process payments, renew subscriptions, and handle cancellations. You can also view customer details and manage customer information, such as shipping addresses and payment methods.

Handle Automatic Renewals

One of the key features of subscription-based businesses is automatic renewals. This means that customers’ subscriptions will be automatically renewed at the end of their subscription period. The Subscription module in PrestaShop makes this process easy by automatically processing payment for renewals and updating subscription details.

Offer Trial Subscriptions

Another feature that many subscription-based businesses offer is trial subscriptions. These are short-term subscriptions that allow customers to try out the product or service before committing to a full subscription. The Subscription module in PrestaShop allows you to offer trial subscriptions as well.

To offer a trial subscription, you’ll need to create a separate subscription plan that is specifically for trial subscriptions. This plan can have a shorter subscription period and a lower price than your regular subscription plans. You can then promote this plan on your website and allow customers to sign up for it.


Managing a subscription-based business can be complex, but using the right tools can make it much easier. PrestaShop is a great eCommerce platform for managing subscription-based businesses. With the Subscription module, you can set up subscription plans, create subscription products, and manage subscriptions with ease. Whether you’re selling physical products or digital content, PrestaShop can help you manage your subscriptions effectively and efficiently.

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