How To Create A Grouped Product In Magento 2

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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that allows businesses to create online stores with ease. In Magento, grouped products are used to group together multiple simple products that are sold as one. Grouped products are commonly used for products that come in a set, such as a computer and its peripherals, or a toolset. In this article, we will discuss the steps to create a grouped product in Magento 2.

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Step 1: Create Simple Products

To create a grouped product, you need to have simple products first. Simple products are the individual products that are going to be combined in a grouped product. You can create simple products by navigating to Catalog > Products from the Magento admin panel and selecting Add Product. You can then fill the required information, such as the name, price, and description.

Step 2: Create a Grouped Product

Once you have created your simple products, you can proceed with creating a grouped product. You can do this by navigating to Catalog > Products again and selecting Add Product. In the Add Product page, select the type of product as Grouped Product. This will bring up the Grouped Product page where you can fill in the required information.

Step 3: Add Simple Products to Grouped Product

To add the simple products to the grouped product, simply navigate to the Associated Products tab in the Grouped Product page. Here, you can use the Add Products button to select the simple products that you want to include in the grouped product.

Step 4: Configure the Grouped Product Page

After adding the simple products to the grouped product, you can configure the grouped product page. This includes adding a name, description, images, and pricing for the grouped product. Fill in the required information and click on Save.

Step 5: Test and Publish the Grouped Product

Once you have configured the grouped product page, you can test it out by previewing it first. If everything looks good, you can publish the grouped product and make it available on your online store.


Creating a grouped product in Magento 2 is easy and straightforward. By following the steps outlined above, you can group together simple products and sell them as one item on your online store. With Magento’s ease of use and powerful features, you can create a professional-looking online store in no time and start selling your products to the world.

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