Magento 2 Order Management: Order Statuses And Workflow

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When running an online store, the ability to efficiently manage orders is critical. The order management system in Magento 2 is designed to streamline the process of fulfilling customer orders. In this article, we will explore the different order statuses and workflows in Magento 2 order management.

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Understanding Order Statuses

Order statuses inform you of where an order is in the order fulfillment process. Magento 2 comes equipped with default order statuses, but these can be tailored to fit a specific business’ needs. The five default order statuses in Magento 2 are:

1. Pending

When an order is placed but payment has not yet been made, it will appear as ‘pending’. This status is a default setting in Magento 2, and it is the first step in the order management process.

2. Processing

Once payment has been made and a customer’s order is being fulfilled, the order status will switch to ‘processing’. At this stage, the merchant is responsible for getting the order ready to be shipped or picked up.

3. Completed

When an order has been shipped or picked up and delivered to the customer, the status changes to ‘completed’. This status indicates that the order was fulfilled successfully, and the customer has received it.

4. On Hold

Whenever there is an issue with an order, such as an item being out of stock or delayed shipping, the order status will switch to ‘on hold’. This status allows the merchant to address any issues and ensure that the order can be fulfilled as soon as possible.

5. Canceled

In some cases, an order may need to be canceled because of reasons such as the customer changing their mind or the item no longer being available. When an order is canceled, the status changes to ‘canceled’.

Magento 2 Order Workflow

Each order status in Magento 2 follows a specific workflow that merchants can customize according to their needs. The default order workflow in Magento 2 is:

1. New Order

When a customer places an order, the status of the order is set to ‘pending’. Merchants can view this order in their admin panel and begin working on it.

2. Payment Received

Once payment has been received, the status of the order will change to ‘processing’. At this stage, the merchant will begin fulfilling the order by preparing it for shipping or pickup.

3. Order Shipped

When the order is shipped, the status will change to ‘completed’. At this point, the order has been successfully fulfilled, and the customer has received it.

In addition to the default workflow, Magento 2 allows merchants to create custom workflows to fit their specific needs. For example, a merchant may need to add an additional step in the workflow, such as ‘backorder’ for items that are temporarily out of stock. This custom workflow can be designed to fit the merchant’s needs, ensuring that orders are fulfilled efficiently and seamlessly.


In conclusion, understanding the different order statuses and workflows in Magento 2 is essential for efficiently managing orders in an online store. The default order statuses and workflow in Magento 2 can be customized to suit the needs of a specific business. Therefore, by taking advantage of these customizable features, merchants can streamline their order fulfillment process to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

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