How To Configure Magento 2 For Customer Service

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Providing excellent customer service is a top priority for any business. In today’s digital world, e-commerce platforms have made it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and offer a pleasant shopping experience. Magento 2, a popular e-commerce platform, offers several features that help businesses streamline their customer service processes. In this article, we will discuss how to configure Magento 2 for customer service.

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Step 1: Set Up Customer Accounts

The first step in configuring Magento 2 for customer service is to set up customer accounts. By default, Magento 2 allows customers to create an account during the checkout process. However, you can also allow customers to create an account before they start shopping to make the process quicker and smoother.

To enable this feature, go to Stores > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration. Under the Create New Account Options section, select the option "Yes" for Allow Guest Checkout and "Yes" for Allow Customers to Create an Account.

Step 2: Add Contact Information

Adding contact information to your Magento 2 store is essential to ensure that customers can easily get in touch with you. You can add contact information such as your store’s phone number, email address, and physical address in the footer section of your website.

To add contact information, go to Content > Configuration > Edit > Footer. Under the Social Links and Contact information section, enter the necessary information.

Step 3: Enable Customer Support Form

Magento 2 allows you to add a customer support form to your website, which customers can use to send in their queries or feedback. This feature is especially helpful as it allows you to keep track of customer inquiries and respond to them promptly.

To enable the customer support form, go to Stores > Configuration > Customers > Contacts. Under the Contact Us section, select "Yes" for Enable Contact Us. You can also customize the email template that will be sent to you when a customer submits the support form.

Step 4: Set Up a Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a collection of articles that provide answers to common customer questions. Setting up a knowledge base can save you and your customers time, as customers can find answers to their queries without having to reach out to customer support.

To set up a knowledge base, you can use Magento 2’s built-in functionality or install a third-party extension. Magento 2’s knowledge base functionality allows you to create articles, categories, and tags. You can also add images and videos to the articles to make them more informative.

To set up the knowledge base, go to Content > Add New Page. Under the Page Information section, select Knowledge Base as the Page Type. You can now add articles and categories to your knowledge base.

Step 5: Add Live Chat Support

Live chat support is an effective way to provide instant assistance to customers. With Magento 2, you can easily add live chat support to your website.

To add live chat support, you can use a third-party extension or integrate a live chat tool like Olark, ZenDesk, or After integrating the live chat tool, visitors will see a chat icon on your website, which they can use to initiate a chat.


In conclusion, configuring Magento 2 for customer service is essential to provide excellent customer support and ensure customer satisfaction. By setting up customer accounts, adding contact information, enabling the customer support form, setting up a knowledge base, and adding live chat support, you can streamline your customer service processes and provide prompt assistance to your customers.

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