How To Configure Customer Addresses In Magento 2

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One of the fundamental features of any eCommerce website is the ability to manage customer addresses efficiently. In Magento 2, the process of managing customer addresses is relatively easy. This article will guide you through the configuration of customer addresses in Magento 2.

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Step 1: Navigate to Customer Configuration

The first step is to navigate to the customer configuration section in your Magento 2 admin panel. To do this, go to Stores > Configuration > Customers.

Step 2: Enable Customer Addresses

Once you are in the customer configuration section, you will need to enable the customer addresses feature. Under the Customer Configuration section, select the option labeled ‘Address Templates.’ You will then see an option to ‘Enable the creation of customer addresses.’

Step 3: Configure Address Templates

After you have enabled the creation of customer addresses, you will need to configure the address templates. Magento 2 comes with pre-built address templates, but you might want to customize them according to your specific needs. To configure the address templates, navigate to the ‘Address Templates’ section under ‘Customer Configuration.’

Here, you will be able to edit the various address templates, such as the ‘HTML’ template, the ‘Text’ template, and the ‘PDF’ template.

Step 4: Configure the Registration Options

Magento 2 allows you to configure the registration options for customers. Under the ‘Customer Configuration’ section, select the ‘Account sharing options’ tab.

Here, you can select whether customers can share accounts, whether they need to verify their email addresses, and whether they need to approve email addresses before they can register.

Step 5: Configure the Checkout Options

Magento 2 also allows you to configure the checkout options for customers. Under the ‘Customer Configuration’ section, select the ‘Checkout’ tab.

Here, you can configure how customers can register during the checkout process, whether they need to create an account or whether they can check out as guests.

Step 6: Configure the Address Fields

Finally, you can configure the address fields that customers need to fill out when registering or checking out on your website. Under the ‘Address Templates’ section, select the ‘Address Field Order’ tab.

Here, you can select which address fields are necessary and which ones are optional. You can also define the field labels, text fields, and input types.


Configuring customer addresses in Magento 2 is an essential process for any online store. By following the above steps, you can ensure that customer addresses are appropriately managed, and registration and checkout processes are streamlined. With Magento 2, you can customize the configuration to meet your specific needs and create an excellent online shopping experience for your customers.

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