How to Troubleshoot Common Magento 2 Administration Issues

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Running an online store requires diligent performance monitoring and routine adjustments to ensure your business is running at its best. Sometimes, things might not work as they should, and your Magento 2 website’s admin panel may encounter issues leading to a loss of productivity. This article will explore some of the most common administration issues and how to troubleshoot them efficiently.

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Slow Performance and Server Crashes

Magento 2 is a powerful eCommerce platform, and with that comes the need for dedicated servers with enough resources to handle the influx of visitors and transactions. It’s essential to pay attention to server performance, especially during peak periods or times when updates are released.


Consider upgrading your server or optimizing your existing one to ensure it can efficiently handle the load. You can optimize your server by increasing the PHP memory limit, disabling logging, and using the latest version of PHP.

Blank Pages

Sometimes navigating to a page in the admin panel may result in a blank page. This may be due to server configuration issues, PHP errors, or missing files in the Magento installation folder.


Check error logs to identify if there are any server configuration issues or missing files. The logs will also help identify PHP errors causing the blank screen. In some cases, disabling the Magento 2 cache can solve this problem or reinstalling and upgrading the extensions.

Login and Session Issues

Due to various factors, including incorrect session storage configurations, user roles and permissions, and cache settings, login and session issues with the admin panel can arise.


Review the admin user roles and permissions in Magento 2 and reconfigure the storage method through the Magento 2 Admin panel. Clearing the cached sessions in the var/session folder can help reset any troubled sessions.

Invalid Form Key

The “Invalid Form Key” error can occur when trying to save changes to products, categories, or any other parts of the admin panel. This message appears when there is a mismatch between the website’s session and the generated form key.


First clear the website cache to ensure it is not a cache-related issue. If the error persists, check if there are any installed extensions that could be causing the invalid form key issue. Update or reinstall the extensions accordingly.

Emails Not Being Sent

When orders are placed, or any other Magento 2 functionality triggers an email, the server may not send it. This can result from an incorrect configuration that prevents Magento 2 from sending emails.


Verify that the SMTP settings in the Magento 2 configuration are correct. Check spam filters to see if the emails are being blocked, and confirm that the server is not blocking any could be causing the emails to bounce. Use a third-party email service provider or the Magento 2 SendGrid Extension to ensure emails are delivered.

Final Thoughts

To ensure your Magento 2 website is running efficiently and with minimal downtime, it’s crucial to perform regular maintenance and monitor performance. If you experience any administrative issues, the solutions outlined in this article give you the tools to troubleshoot effectively. If all else fails, contact Magento 2 support for further assistance.

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