How do I find an example work on my topic?

There are web pages or databases in the internet that are equipped with a few thousand bachelor theses, diploma theses and master theses. Here you can search in the stock of final papers for keywords, similar to a library catalog. You may find in these databases a bachelor thesis from a student from another university who wrote a very similar topic a year or two ago.

A good free full-text search in databases for theses of various publishers can be found in the online student magazine studis-online.de

Search for diploma theses at Diplomica Verlag

Searching the database is free. Summaries on topics are also available for free. If you want to read a whole thesis, this is chargeable.

A whole bachelor thesis (complete text) at studis-online, GRIN, Diplomica or other bachelor thesis exchanges costs between 10 € and 50 €. The average price is around 17 €. These are finished works by other students, from chores to bachelor theses, master theses, diploma theses to dissertations. Of course, these texts can not replace, but supplement, research in books from libraries. A good bachelor thesis on a topic similar to your own can be a good source of ideas.

Before buying, one can usually read the outline and a brief summary of the work, similar to that known from booksellers such as Amazon. The grade of the bachelor thesis, the year of publication and the length of the work are usually given. This makes it possible to assess whether the purchase is worthwhile. The purchased work is then available in direct download (that saves time) or as a book on paper with a maximum delivery time of one week.

What can I extract from a bachelor thesis on a similar topic?

Interesting are the divisions. Here you can easily see how a fellow student structured the same or a similar topic. A bachelor thesis is structured differently than a textbook or an article in a journal. As a rule, the bachelor thesis has a question or a research topic, which is clearly named in the introduction. The introduction of a textbook is quite different. It makes sense to write a bachelor thesis and take another, foreign bachelor thesis into your own hands.

Copying text passages from another bachelor thesis is not a good idea. Your examiner will notice if the language stem in your bachelor thesis suddenly changes because the text has been copied and pasted by another author. In addition, the systems for plagiarism control of the universities know a large part of the work from the bachelor thesis exchanges. But you can, under certain circumstances, take over a bachelor’s or master’s thesis content as a meaningful or literal quote in your work. You can find out how to do this by quoting bachelor and master theses.

Can I find a bachelor thesis with the same or similar topic?

The probability of finding something interesting is quite high, since a keyword search searches 10,000 works. Searching online is pretty quick and it’s always worth a try. Maybe you will find a bachelor thesis or master thesis that deals with a similar topic and was written a year ago. Here again the link for database of Diplomica Verlag: Search database.

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