Drupal Commerce With Stripe: A Partnership For E-commerce Success

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Online retail is an ever-growing industry and has been flourishing with new players entering the market. Every business wants to have a dominating online presence, and for this, they need a reliable e-commerce platform. Drupal Commerce is among the most popular e-commerce platforms available that comes packed with features and flexibility. It enables online business owners to create a web store that caters to their needs and requirements.

However, to process payments and complete online transactions securely, e-commerce platforms require payment gateways. Stripe is a popular payment gateway that provides a secure and easy-to-use payment process for its users. Integration of Drupal Commerce with Stripe is enabling businesses to achieve a seamless payment process while running an online store.

The Benefits of Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is a popular CMS that offers various advantages for online business owners. Some of these include:

Flexible product creation

From physical goods to digital products and services, Drupal Commerce enables businesses to create and display an unlimited range of products in the way that suits the business.


This CMS allows businesses to create different user roles; this helps assign specific permissions to users. Personalizing access to the platform is important for a secure e-commerce website.


Drupal Commerce allows easy integration with other business applications, including CRMs, shipping and delivery platforms, marketing automation tools, accounting software, and payment processors.


Drupal Commerce can support business growth. Online businesses can add users, customers and, more products as their customer’s base grows.

The Benefits of Stripe

Stripe’s integration with Drupal Commerce is enabling businesses to achieve secure online transactions. The benefits include:

Global coverage

Stripe supports more than 135 different currencies and 43 countries. It also provides a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers, ensuring that online businesses can receive payments regardless of where their customers are located.

Fast and reliable

Stripe’s payment processing speed is fast, ensuring that payments are processed and settled quickly. Stripe’s payment gateway is also reliable. It can handle a large volume of transactions without malfunctioning, making it the preferred option for online businesses.


Stripe’s fraud detection system helps to detect and prevent fraud, protecting both the business owners and customers. Compliance with the PCI Security Standards Council’s guidelines ensures that all transactions are processed securely, giving businesses peace of mind knowing that customer’s data is secure.

Integration of Drupal Commerce with Stripe

Drupal Commerce and Stripe have integrated together to provide a seamless process for payments across all online transactions. The Payment Gateway integration sends transaction data to the Stripe payment gateway in real-time. This way, merchants can track payments, refunds, and chargebacks directly on their Drupal site.

Drupal Commerce with Stripe enables multiple payment options, and it is easy to configure a different payment method depending on the customer’s preference. Stripe adds credit card processing capabilities to Drupal Commerce, making it a one-stop-shop for online businesses.


Integration of Drupal Commerce with Stripe is a significant boost to any online store. It provides businesses with the most secure and reliable online payments to support their online shopping capabilities. With Drupal Commerce, businesses can create, manage, and deliver their products efficiently and with flexibility, allowing them to grow their business and expand their customer base. Stripe provides a comprehensive global payment gateway, which is fast, reliable, and secure, ensuring a unique, seamless payment experience for online businesses and their customers. This partnership is not only beneficial to online businesses but also their customers’ experience when shopping online.

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