Drupal Commerce for Beauty and Cosmetics E-commerce: Best Practices

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The beauty and cosmetics industry is among the most evolving markets in the world. The industry has undergone several transformations in the past few years, and the rising need for online shopping experiences is one of its biggest transformations. To meet the changes in the market, beauty and cosmetics businesses must evolve and adopt e-commerce platforms that can scale their operations.

One of these e-commerce platforms is Drupal Commerce. Drupal Commerce is a flexible, open-source solution that can help beauty and cosmetics businesses to transition into the online space. Let’s explore the best practices for Drupal Commerce for beauty and cosmetics e-commerce.


Every business in the beauty and cosmetic industry is unique, and one approach does not fit all when it comes to e-commerce solutions. It is crucial to customize the Drupal Commerce platform to fit your business’ specific requirements. You can customize the platform’s look and feel, product categories, product display, payment options, and many other features to suit your business.

Product Display

In the beauty and cosmetics industry, product display is essential to attract customers. You should display your products in the best way possible. Drupal Commerce offers several product display options, including grids, lists, and slideshows, to showcase your products uniquely. You can also display your products with high-resolution images, videos, and immersive experiences.

Easy Navigation

Ease of navigation is essential to give users a seamless shopping experience. With Drupal Commerce, you can customize your website’s menu, grouping products in categories and subcategories to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. Additionally, you can add filters and search features on your website to help users find products based on their preferences.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile phones have become the go-to device for most online shopping experiences. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your Drupal Commerce website is mobile responsive. A mobile-responsive website enhances user experience for mobile users, reducing bounce rates and increasing retention rates. Drupal Commerce provides mobile-responsive frameworks that enable businesses to provide seamless experiences on any device.

Payment Options

Offering customers multiple payment options is another best practice in Drupal Commerce for beauty and cosmetics e-commerce. The platform provides integrations with several payment gateways, so businesses can offer customers choices, including credit cards, PayPal, and other payment options. Providing multiple payment options can increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment rates.

Customer Service Integration

Customer service is vital in any e-commerce business. You must provide an efficient and prompt response to customers’ queries and complaints. Drupal Commerce offers several integration options with customer service software like Zendesk, and customer relationship management (CRM) software like Salesforce. These integrations can significantly enhance the customer service experience for users.

Product Reviews

Product reviews help customers make informed purchase decisions. Drupal Commerce provides several review and rating options for customers to rate products, write reviews, and share their experiences. You can also integrate the product review and rating database with your CRM software to analyze customer behavior and improve your business’s user experience.


Security is a critical aspect of e-commerce, and Drupal Commerce prioritizes it. The platform includes several security features, such as SSL encryption, user authentication, secure payment gateways, and prevention of fraud and hacking attempts. These security measures ensure that customers’ personal data, payment information, and product purchases are safe.


The beauty and cosmetics industry is constantly evolving, and businesses must adopt e-commerce solutions that can keep up with this growth. Drupal Commerce is a flexible and scalable platform that can help businesses transition into the online space. By following the best practices above, businesses can improve their online shopping experiences by providing unique product display, easy navigation, mobile responsiveness, multiple payment options, customer service integration, product reviews, and security.

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