BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery: Reaching Out To Customers Who Didn’t Finish The Checkout Process

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In the world of e-commerce, abandoned carts have become one of the biggest challenges faced by retailers. While it is common for shoppers to add items to their carts and then leave the site without making a purchase, the impact of abandoned carts on the bottom line can be staggering. However, BigCommerce has found a way to tackle this problem with its abandoned cart recovery feature. In this article, we will discuss how the BigCommerce abandoned cart recovery feature works and how it can help you to recover sales that would have otherwise been lost.

What are abandoned carts?

First, let’s take a moment to understand what abandoned carts are and why they are so problematic for online retailers. An abandoned cart refers to a situation where a shopper adds items to their cart and begins the checkout process but does not complete the transaction. There could be many reasons for this, such as unexpected shipping costs, a complicated checkout process, website crashes or simply being distracted.

For retailers, the problem with abandoned carts is that these potential customers have shown an interest in their products, but for some reason, they have not been converted into buyers. This can be a frustrating situation for retailers because it represents a lost opportunity for revenue. However, BigCommerce’s abandoned cart recovery feature can help businesses to turn these lost opportunities into sales.

How does the BigCommerce abandoned cart recovery feature work?

BigCommerce’s abandoned cart recovery feature is an automated system that sends targeted emails to customers who have abandoned their carts. The emails are designed to encourage customers to return to the site and complete their purchase. The emails can be customized to include a variety of content, such as discounts, free shipping or personalized product recommendations to incentivize the customer to complete their purchase.

When a customer abandons their cart on a BigCommerce site, their email address is recorded in the system. If they do not complete their purchase within a set timeframe, such as 24 hours, an automated email is sent to the customer reminding them of the items in their cart. The email typically includes a call-to-action button, which links directly to the customer’s cart, making it easy for them to complete their purchase.

Why is BigCommerce abandoned cart recovery effective?

Studies have shown that abandoned cart recovery emails can be incredibly effective in recovering lost sales. According to SaleCycle, the average open rate of abandoned cart recovery emails is 44.1%, and the average click-through rate is 10.7%. This means that nearly half of all customers who receive an abandoned cart recovery email will open it, and over 10% will click through to their cart.

There are several reasons why the BigCommerce abandoned cart recovery feature is particularly effective. Firstly, the emails are highly targeted. BigCommerce’s system knows exactly what products the customer has added to their cart, and can deliver personalized content based on their shopping behaviour. This makes the emails more relevant to the customer and more likely to persuade them to complete their purchase.

Secondly, the emails are automated, which means that they can be delivered quickly and efficiently. This is important because studies have shown that the longer a customer waits to complete their purchase, the less likely they are to do so. By sending an automated email within a set timeframe, BigCommerce can catch customers while they are still considering their purchase, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Finally, the content of the emails is customizable, which means that retailers can tailor their messaging to suit their brand and their audience. This allows businesses to experiment with different approaches to find the messaging that resonates most with their customers.


Abandoned carts are a frustrating reality of e-commerce, but with the BigCommerce abandoned cart recovery feature, businesses can turn these lost opportunities into sales. By leveraging the power of targeted, automated emails, businesses can encourage customers to return to the site and complete their purchase. The results speak for themselves – abandoned cart recovery emails are highly effective in recovering lost sales. So if you’re a BigCommerce retailer, it’s time to start leveraging this feature and recovering sales that might otherwise have been lost forever.

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